proces(s) sing

[style: classical]

open the throat as if you could drop a hard-boiled egg through it (why not a raw egg?)

hum an ‘m’ in the forehead to locate upper resonance (higher… higher.. yeah)

breath in fully and into the flanks (the breath circles without stopping)

breath in the vowel sound you want to produce (to prepare the vocal cords)

on the top of the out-breath, release the voice (don’t tighten in any way)

don’t sing loudly, find the elusive spot where the voice is no longer in the throat, where it shines and is effortless (don’t strain, don’t force, don’t tighten)

support in your flanks can keep everything open (mysterious and not)

when moving from pitch to pitch, see if you can keep from falling off the spot of upper resonance (raise your soft palate as if you are yawning)

legato, not too hard at the bottom, more breath support when climbing (oops, yawning!!!)