something disgusting about a banana or make some space

[..…] denotes a kind of repetition effect such as when a track of an LP or CD is stuck. Words that had meaning become sound, turning into a compulsion, a mechanical mistake, an obsession. Incomplete parts of the words can be repeated. The repetition can become faster (accelerate, with a shortening of the phrase)

One person peels a banana slowly, being aware of the sound
Smells the banana
Brings the scent of the banana deep inside
Says: ‘there is something disgusting about a banana’
Takes a bite of the banana
‘we once did an exercise where we force-fed each other bananas’
Takes another bite of the banana (also periodically during following text)
‘eat your banana’
‘open your mouth’
‘eat the banana’
‘don’t spit out your food!’
‘eat the banana […..]’
‘don’t spit it out!’
‘take it in your body [..…]’
‘don’t spit out your food’
‘a friend of mine will not allow you to peel a banana in her apartment.’
‘take it in your body!’
‘you struggle in a glutinous mass, weighing you, slaying you, sticking, fighting, pulling you down, rolling over you, digesting you, dissolving you, gluey, sticky, enormous, sloppy, welling up from inside, drowning you, stopping you’
‘mmmmmmm, m, m, n, n, nnnnnnn, uuuuuh, mmmmmmm [muffled humming]’
‘another friend has 50 empty bottles of alcohol under her kitchen table’
’50 empty bottles of alcohol’
‘I want to smash [clap!] them […..]
‘smash them! […..]’
‘to make some space’
‘some space ’
‘I want to smash [clap!] them […..]
‘smash them!’
‘to make some space’
‘some space […..]’
‘an overwhelming mass of chopped space, flying up behind your ears, taking off your head, lifting your feet from the ground. Turning you, whirling you endlessly, eternally, dizzying, whizzying, falling, emptying, erasing your mind, your body, your belief in your own soul’
‘the space must be filled’
‘we must fill the space’
‘take it in your body [..…]’
‘don’t spit it out!’
‘oooooooo, yoooooo, eeeeeee, aaaaaaaa [singing bright, open vowel sounds]’
‘we must fill the bottles! […..]’
‘I want to smash [clap!] them!
‘smash them!’
‘to make some space […..]’
‘some space’
‘there is something disgusting about a banana’

[thanks to wednesday morning dance improvisation group]