in the shape of the evening i go out

in the shape of the evening i go out

i only eat those things in front of me
if it’s on the floor
or in your pockets

i go out into the world
A tale that happens in___________
+ from NYC

(4-5 stories)

first is told from perspective
of young child
woman’s child

the text is big

there is a gold princess
she is all gold
on a blue background

it’s a tale of a woman who goes home
and sleeps with the people
she eats with

the first book is a kids book from the perspective of the golden princess
the next book will be from a perspective
but someone else’s


i see it here and i know its name
—–>i tell you

from my perspective. i do this.
i am a child.

all books will be loved.
they make up a compendium.